August 22, 2013

Latest trends: Extreme Colored Hair!

Latest trends: Extreme colored hair!
Hello Fashionistas :)

Here I am one more time, ready to show you this week’s latest trend: Extreme Colored Hair! Why I chose Nicki Minaj to be this article’s main photo? Um, maybe because she is like the queen of extreme colored hair? :p Don’t tell me you don’t agree, she was the one who dared and started this awesome beauty trend in the first place! So, if you are as exited as me, let’s start right away and learn the different styles of extreme colored hair!

Style 1: Da crazy ombré 
Yeah, ombré, is basically one of my favorite trends ever and the most loved fashion report of this blog, so the least I could do is write about it on this article…

Style 2: Multi-Colored
I mean if you really wanna talk about extreme colored hair, here’s the most extreme one. Thrilling. I admire the people that were brave enough to dye their hair not one, not two, but about 7 different colors!

Style 3: The Goth pastel

 In other words, light purple and turquoise. These teens have choose super cute colors to dye their hair, and yes, the colors look good on them and match their style… Congratulations to their hair dressers… These category is my favorite because I simply love pastel colors being the girly girl I am <3

Style 4: Neon Hair
I have to ask… Does it glow in the dark too? I don’t really think so, but how cool would that be… Imagine being at a party, you will literally glow and make every one notice you :p But then it would be hard to sleep. So…wait what was I talking about?

Style 5: Color Extensions
If you wanna add a rock style to you look or braid a colorful braid with out doing something permanent, buy a couple off color hair extensions… See all these examples above.. It’s worth trying it, right?

I know it would be nice to end this article with a quote, it’s a little irrelevant but it’s one of my favorites so…
Princesses Always Remember:

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