September 2, 2013

Back To School: Hairstyles

Back To School Hairstyles!

Hello DIY lovers! 

As a part of my “Back to school with DCG” blog series, I wrote this article with the help of pics I found online on pinterest and on We Heart It. I believe this will be very helpful for all of you girls that are constantly in a hurry in the mornings, but are still hoping that you won’t have a bad hair day! So I am here to present you a couple of interesting DIYs that you can use even outside school and make them in the max of 8 minutes!

1)   Braid Bun Bang!
I know, right? But if you can say the title three times quickly, then I congratulate you ‘cause I can’t. So we all love buns, right? Easy to make, quick and still super fashionable! But making buns can be hard, when, well, when you have bangs. NOT ANYMORE! In the following photo you can see how to easily make a braided bun, while your bangs are looking gorgeous.

2)Twisted bun!
Even though the following photo is in chinese, or Korean, or some kind of language that I obviously cannot understand, I believe the photo instructions are clear enough for you to understand and follow. After you follow them, your gorgeous simple twist classy bun!

3)   Back Braided Bun
Simple as the other ones, but even more casual, the back braided bun is here to save you from a bad hair day!

4)   The pretzel
Now that we are done with all those buns, time for a simple one! I really, really loved pretzels, but now that I can have my hair styled like one, I love them even more!

5)   Big Puff


The bigger the puff, the closer to heaven! You can make it to school but at special occasions too!
6)   Shorty Braid Bun!
This DIY hairstyle gives the chance to girls with short hair to make a perfect braid bun! Adore it!

7)   The Big Bun Theory
If a messy bun is to small or too messy for you, make this big bun!

8)   The Big Braided Bun!
Amazing. Simply Stunning!

9)   Hipster hairstyle
I don’t really think this needs a tutorial; you will just need a bandana… I will sure be trying this this school year!

10)  Bows before bros
Simple as heck! Just pull some hair back and clip it with a bow hair clip!
Here are some bow designs you can wear:
11)   Any other back-to-school hairstyle that I might have forgot to mention, one of my favorite beauty and fashion guru, Meredith Foster is here to explain them to you and help you make them in the following video!

And remember, girls!
I hope the new school year is the best one for you, without any bad hair days! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share!
The City Girl
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