November 30, 2014

Sweater Weather

Hello Fashionistas!

I am the kind of person who gets all enthusiastic for Christmas from mid-November and I guess everyone has started figuring this out. Yeah, I am THAT friend. It's not even December and I have downloaded all the typical christmas playlists, made cookies,put up the first christmas lights, and may or may not be listening to "Baby It's Cold Outside" right now... But it's not I am going to apologise for it either, because what is there not to be enthusiastic about, it's CHRISTMAS we are talking about here, how can you not be pumped up?
The weather in Athens is a lot colder now, which makes me so happy, because the sun is pretty cool, but rain is freaking awesome. In this outfit, I wore black skinny jeans (wow, typical me) and a pair of simple grey vans, and a black knit sweater with little shoulder cuts. I grabbed my leather jacket, and I went to a lovely Friday walk, enjoying my day, since schools were closed for Thanksgiving. Kifissia is now decorated with lovely christmas lights, christmas decorations are all over the place, and - how could I forget - Starbucks started selling their coffee again in festive red cups!

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