January 26, 2014

Latest Trends: Skater Skirts!

Latest Trends: Skater Skirts!

Hello Fashionistas!
Yes, I am back with a Latest Trends post! I know you guys love these so here I go. The trend I will be analyzing today is Skater Skirts! Are you ready for this? (I seriously hope so)

Skater Skirts 

Yes they are here, yes they have taken over the world, yes they are the cutest thing ever, yes they are the skater skirts! A million ways to style these, sweaters, crop tops, heels, oversized tops, vans. However, the best part is how these can look both casual and formal, depending on how you wear them. 
Basic Black Skirt
Oh come on, we both know how these are the first thing you run to when you need to get dressed for a party. Simple, however they go well with almost every clothing piece you own. Not to mention how classy these make you look, even if you wear them with your favorite Chuck Taylors.

Maroon Skirt
Aaaand here we have our second most loved skirt, the maroon skater skirt! It personally reminds me of private school outfits, so it kinda gives you the preppy kind of look. Dare and wear these with an oversized knit jacket!

White Skirt
So romantic, you may as well read a Nicholas Sparks novel in these. Wear them with white tops and heels!

Floral Skirt
Way to go flower child. Combine it with a cute bow,a black crop top, over the knee socks and the most simple pair of shoes you have, and you've got a hipster outfit! (Or a romantic one, depending on your style)

Neon Skirt
Definition of sass. Don't snob these, because even the fashion queen Rihanna chose them for her outfit. Pretty cool huh?

Black n' White skirt
It's sure hard to combine, but who wouldn't love this awesome black n' white patterned skirt? Wear it with a neon sweater and black Vans and you're good to go!

How to Style Skater Skirts

You can go either for the absolute party girl crop top or for the every day oversized or fitting sweater. They both work very well, but make sure to have them match your outfit!


If you feel the need to spice up your basic outfit, a big hipsterish necklace would do the job. If you are more of a romantic person, add a little silver heart necklace and you'll be good to go.

Let me tell ya, skater skirts are all about how you style them. With high heels they would be preppy and formal, but with vans they would be more casual and everyday. I would suggest one colored shoes, but if you feel like your outfit is dull, definitely go for the fun flower or polka dot pair of shoes you own. But, please, please never mix patterns together when it comes to skirt-shoe pattern.

Outfit Inspiration: Celebrities
But of course, the one and only Ariana Grande begun this trend. And RiRi? Well, she did her magic with her neon skirt!

Outfit Inspiration: Everyday

I guarantee there are a million different ways to properly wear a skater skirt using the same basic clothing pieces. Give it a try and experiment with cool infinity scarfs, off-the shoulder sweaters, black tights, and jeans jackets.

That was it fashionistas! Please understand I have school work to do too, and exams and everything, so I will probably be off for a while. I love y'all however. 
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