February 27, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: Zendaya

Hello Fashionistas!
 I am actually having a day off, so I am writing this pretty little article for you. Oh, I am also finishing season 3 of Awkward and eating chocolate all day long… This Fashion Inspiration article is all about Zendaya, which you may know from Shake It Up or from her single "Replay". I would describe her style as tomboyish, however, she still manages to look absolutely fierce, no matter what. She's never afraid to take a chance and try something new, and is absolutely confident about her self. If you always wanted to copy her style or at least get inspired by her, you just clicked on the correct article!

Outfit No.1
This is my all time favorite Daya outfit because come on, how wonderfully minimalistic can this outfit be? :) Beyond perfection, she's rocking it. She's wearing an awesome orange/red sweater, a skater simple white dress and a pair of green colored high heels.

In order to steal this style, you'll need an orange crew neck sweater, which believe me I had a real hard time finding.

Also, you'll need a girly white dress, to use as a skater skirt underneath your gorgeous orange top!
I found this for 50$ at Rare London!

And to finish this gorgeous style, here are the exact same heeled shoes!

These are for 990$ (oh well) from Forward by Elyse Walker!

Outfit no.2
Now this outfit was from a videoclip in Shake It Up. Its absolutely gorg, and also extremely adorable! I love how girly and rock this outfit looks at the same time! I mean all the studs and the rock boots and then there's the romantic dress…

Before you even ask, its from 'Fashion Is My Kryptonite' videoclip. #Throwback

First of all, wear a classy light pink dress, with a glittery detail or a dark belt. I found this one on Debenhams for 79 euros.

Also, you'll need a rock jacket to wear on top. I found this 'Soldier Jacket' on Modekungen for 100 euros.

Use some funky colored/patterned tights to wear under your gorgeous dress. These are from Topshop  for 12 euros.

Finally, you'll need a pair of neon pink combat boots to finish this style. I found these boots on eBay for 24 euros.

That's it for today! I'll be coming up with mucchhhhh much much more, so stay tuned, share, like, follow, share the love.... I hope you liked this steal her style article :) LOVE YA

The City Girl
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February 12, 2014

Simple Valentine's Day Cards!

Simple Valentine's Day Cards!

Hello Fashionistas!

Yes, Valentine's Day is in 2 days! If you are like me, you probably forgot, and just realized that you need to make Valentine's Day cards. Guess what! I got ya covered! Here are 2 adorably simple cards to give to your loved ones. You can probably make these in just 15 minutes, so they are pretty much a life saver.
Also, this year, instead of keeping my cards, I sent them to a "Meals on Wheels" location! There's a project on DoSomething.Org, where you can send your v-day cards to a location of your choice, and they will distribute them to each older adult with a meal!

You'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Glitter, Glitter glue
  • Carbon paper in different colors
  • Glue
  • Markers, Pencil etc.

Card No.1


This is such a cute and easy card… It didn't take me longer than 15 mins to make this actually, so it must be pretty easy! 


  1. Use a pink carbon paper and fold it in half (Obviously)
  2. Cut little hot pink paper hearts and write a letter in each for the word "Valentine's"
  3. After writing 'Happy' using a black marker, glue the little hearts in a funky way.
  4. Dress the inside of the card with white paper, which you'll use to write your wishes. (Fancy!)
  5. Write "DAY!" in pink glitter glue (Old school style)
  6. Cut a bigger heart and and glue cute sprinkles or colorful glitter to decorate
  7. Write your wishes and send!

Card No.2

Such an adorable design! It's basically a circle of hearts, which I made out of old magazines and small pieces of pink, purple and red paper. It's made so quickly, that you can make 5 of those in 30 mins!


  1. Use a purple carbon paper and fold in half
  2. Cut out small and big hearts out of… basically anything
  3. Form them into a circle design and when you are satisfied with the result glue it together
  4. Dress the inside of the card with pink paper
  5. There you go! Send them to everyone and make their valentine's day bright!
That's it! In so little time, I managed to make these adorable cards! However, instead of keeping them for my self, I sent them to a "Meals on Wheels" center, so that an older adult receives each! Valentine's Day Act Of Kindness alert! 

I hope you enjoyed making V-day cards with me!I hope you spent your Valentine's Day with the ones you truly love! 

Make sure to check out the Do Something Love Letters page! You can participate in the other wonderful projects they have going on right now! Teens for Jeans is such great campaign if you kinda feel like you are bored of your old jeans-you can donate them! It's all for a good cause, after all! 

The City Girl

PS: In case you end up having the worst V-day in the world, there's always ice cream! Love ya!

All photos were taken by me, please don't use them without credit. This blog post was not sponored, all items were bought by me, and all opinions are mine!

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