July 18, 2013

Fashion Report: Ombré, Ombré, Ombré!

Hello Fashionistas!
As you probably all already know, ombré is the greatest fashion craze at this moment. Ombré hair, Ombré makeup, Ombré clothes, Ombré everything! Let's take a look at the hottest ombré items and styles right now!

So, at this part of this article, I think there is no point in writing an introduction. All of us have seen at least once some kind of ombré hair, and if not, just scroll down and start learning!

Hairstyle No.1 :  The "Natural" Ombré

 This the most usual kind of hairstyle in the ombré category. It is the "natural" looking ombré hair. What basically happens is that the hair starts off dark and turns lighter in color at the ends of the hair. 
Hairstyle No.2: The Opposite Ombré 
Not much to explain here. I guess you already got it, it's the like the hairstyle No.1, only opposite (light to dark).
Hairstyle No.3: Colorful Ombré

Yes! The hottest trend for teenage girls, right now.  The colors vary from the combination of purple, pink, turquoise, orange, red to pink, blonde, dark blue.

Hairstyle No 4.: The Three-Colored Ombré 
I know what you thinking, going a little extreme over here, right? The combinations of blonde, pink and purple are the most common.But it still looks cute. It's a pretty rare kind of ombré and the girls that paint their hair using this technique don't keep it for longer than 4 months.

The best thing about ombré hair?
It looks good in every kind of hair type!

And guess what,


Didn't expect ombré makeup to exist, huh? Crazy, I know, but ombré makeup, DOES exist and it's pretty damn awesome! Let's check it out together.


I, personally, absolutely adore this trend! It's easy and fashionable to wear, pretty much a must for summer. Hey, what you gotta lose, give it a try and make a ombré combination on your lips using a dark and a lighter shade lipstick of the same color! I suggest purple, maybe?


I have to say, the ombre eyes are pretty nice, especially with the neon colors, but commonly used.

I have one thing to say about ombré nails. GE-NI-US. Extremely fashionable, unbelievably cute. 

Regular Ombré Nails

Probably one of the most classy nail styles I have every seen!

Neon Ombré Nails

Woah, NEON? GIVE ME A BREAK! Amazing for summer!

Animal Print Ombré Nails

IS THAT ANIMAL PRINT? Going a little Snooki over here, aren't we?

Glitter Ombré Nails

GLITTER?!?! Perfect prom night manicure!

I am sure you see almost every day people wearing ombré clothes, or you may have noticed that ombre clothing is regularly seen on the greatest brands' runway shows.

Ombré shirts on models

Here you can see the models posing with ombré shirts, nicely combined with either white or darker jeans. You can easily notice that ombre shirts make a sexy add on to your outfits, can be worn both everyday and for formal events. I guess you can say ombre shirts will make a total trend this fall!

Ombré shirt

Also, check out this different color combinations.

Ombré dresses on the runway
Here you can see ombré dresses on the runway shows of many popular and well-known brands.

Ombré dresses
I know, sometimes ombré dresses can be a little too-much, but you just have to pick the right one.

Ombré T-Shirts In Everyday Fashion
From early in 2012, we started noticing some ombré details in a lot of Juicy Couture t-shirt, and right now ombré t-shirts have taken over the best brands' stores!

Ombré T-Shirts
As you can see, celebrities have already adopted the ombré clothes looks, as well as in male fashion, the ombré details have already started showing.

Ombré Skirts

Just a little ombré detail in this skirt, makes the perfect outcome!

Thank you very much for reading this article, please share this with your friends and all the other fashionistas!

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