September 15, 2013

Fall Outfits Inspiration!

Fall Outfits Inspiration

Hello fashionistas!

Fall is officially here, school have started, it's time to get our fall inspiration on! What's your favorite thing about fall? Mine would be Starbucks hot coffees, long walks, orange leaves, cozy blankets, and of course awesome fall outfits :)! I made all those sets on polyvore (find us on, so if you want to use them, don't take off the watermark and please give credit! 

1)Skater skirt
In case you didn't know, skater skirts will be the hottest fall item, especially with some cool leggings and boots. 
2)Earth Colors
Dare to use and mix earth colors on your outfits, and finish your look with some adorable boots!

3)Playing with leaves
There's nothing more stylish than romantic white fall dresses, combined with the right jacket and accessories.

4)Khaki Outfit
Khaki pants will be amazing for fall, but to make the right outfit, use a white top, accessories, shoes and  maybe similar colored glasses, as shown above.

5)Maroon Colored
This is my favorite everyday fall outfit, with colors inspired by the colors of the leaves!

I am so ready for fall because I miss leggings and sweaters and boots and scarves and pumpkins and cinnamon and wind and crunchy leaves not to mention the colors of fall and the candles and spooky stories and bonfires. Yeah thanks summer it's been real but it's time for fall now!

Have the best fall, and don't forget to share the love and inspiration with your friends!

The City Girl
All photos were taken by me, please don't use them without credit. This blog post was not sponored, all items were bought by me, and all opinions are mine!

September 9, 2013

Travel Diary: Follow Me Around Chania!

Travel Diary: Follow me around Chania!

Hello travel lovers!

Thankfully, this summer I got the chance to visit Crete in Greece, one of the most beautiful islands. Who wouldn’t love Chania, a city of Crete! The butterflies in your stomach as soon as you step out of the boat, having that special feeling that an adventure is about to begin, the wonderful people; the tasty food, the hot weather, all those cute little cafes; the colorful houses around the sea and the graphic shops are only a few of the reasons why I love Chania. If you have visited it, you know what I am talking about. If not, add it in your bucket list, it’s a total must-do! 
All photos were taken by me, please don't use them without credit.

20th of July,

6:52 am.

We arrive in Souda, after 9 long hours of travelling. I basically took advantage of the fact that we travelling during the night, and I slept for about 6 hours.

7:33 am.

After driving by car -I didn’t drive, my aunt did :)-, we arrived in Chania! We started our wonderful day by walking in the little streets, admiring the remarkable tourist shops. The shops weren’t even open yet other than a couple of cafés!

7:41 am.

We stop to take a couple of photos and visit a big historical church. I was thrilled to learn that this church exists for 150 years!

7:59 am.

For my surprise, there is a Starbucks café in the city, and I kind of got a little too excited to have a Frappuccino (excuse the Typical White Girl in me)!

8:06 am.

We got our orders! I bought a Caramel Frappuccino and my cousin bought a strawberry yogurt smoothie.
8:23 am.

We sat in a café called “Alatsadiko” to eat breakfast. We got some kind of crêpes; The view was absolutely awesome as you can see below.
9:20 am.

We walk past the boardwalk next to the sea, enjoying the amazing weather. Later, we leave for a last walk at the shops, since the shops were then open.

9:38 am.

I stopped by a bookstore, to buy a summer read, since I hadn’t the time to buy one in Athens. I bought “The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris” by Jenny Colgan. If you are looking for a girly-girlish summer book, make sure to read that one. I have recently read “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green and I absolutely adored it, so I would suggest that too.


We leave Chania to go to Kissamos! Driving to there took a little too long :/

11:00 (still on the road)



We arrive to Kissamos, and rest for a couple of hours after our long trip…

16.00 - 19.00

After having lunch (Sadly I don’t have a pic of our lunch at the beach restaurant, but believe me, it was massive), we drop by the beach. Let me tell you what a wonderful time we had.


We got to watch the sun set off, and I cannot describe how perfect it was.

After the sun set off I didn’t do much, I just watched “The Notebook” on my laptop and got some sleep.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed following me around my first day in Chania! Stay tuned cause a lot of travel diaries are soon to come!
The City Girl

All photos were taken by me, please don't use them without credit. This blog post was not sponored, all items were bought by me, and all opinions are mine!

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September 6, 2013

Back To School: Ideal Rooms For Studying/Desks +DIYs!

Back To School: Ideal Study Rooms/Desks

Hello fashionistas!
Back To School means one thing: studying, studying, studying. In the following post I am going to show you how to make studying for exams and school more easy and enjoyable, with these gorgeous study spaces ideas! I have recently redecorated my room, and I got a lot of inspiration from these photos and some blogs, so I decided to share them with you!

1) Girly Desk
Roses, and a romantic light, will give your study space a more girly, romantic look.

2) Dripping Chanel
I have a dripping Chanel sign in my study room too! Guess where I got the idea from.

3)White and simple
If you have a pink laptop, it will work as an color detail in your study space, just like in the picture above.

4)Simple but effective
I guarantee you that almost the 80% of the stuff in the picture above are from IKEA. Using the idea above, you can make your study corner gorgeous, while staying on budget.

5)Smart Desk
Save space with this smart desk. 
6)Girly Study Space
Okay, girly alert!
7) Closet desk
All you need is courage and some creativity to make this above! Brilliant right?
8)Proper Girl
When all you need is to relax after a long day in school or work, light some yankee fall candles, and enjoy a nice cup of tea, while blasting some relaxing music, or while reading a book!

9) Organized
Have all your stuff together with a pin board, and a shelf right above from your desk wall.

10) New York Fashion Blogger
Minimalistic and fashionable.

11) Sketching  
If you are a graphic designer, this is a great desk to work on. You can even hang your finished work above.
12)Victoria's Secret
This is basically a smart way to store all those endless body creams and perfumes, as well as your latest fashion and beauty purchases. You can use this desk as a makeup table, as shown above.

13)Girly minimalistic
I love the way this study space is designed.  It's organized, and brilliantly decorated. Girly but still minimalistic.

14)Turquoise printed
Did you notice how wonderfully all those black and white prints with the color turquoise are combined? Am I the only one thinking that it looks super romantic, relaxing and dreamy? 

15)Young rebel
Colorful, Tomboyish and electric
16)Fashion Blogger (EXCLUSIVE PHOTO)
Believe it or not, this desk is an office space of the central offices of WhoWhatWear website! In case you were wondering what a fashion blogger's study looks like, we have this exclusive photo for you!

17)Young, crazy and free
I just love the pink desk and all those eccentric painting and colors added.

18) Back To Basics
Don't you think the roses add an girly and glamorous touch in the desk? I also love the background fashion collage.

19) Breakfast in Work?!
I adore the little serving disk, you can use one to snack on some healthy snacks while studying. The idea in the photo is pancakes with banana slices. Why not?

Isn't just awesome this office set?

21)Beauty and Work
Combine Beauty and Work Space in one desk! (Look at those adorable "keep calm" wall decorations!)

Okay, how can someone simply forget the best of the best rooms, Carly Sei's on iCarly? I would kill to have a room like that.

DIYs Section

Okay, to finish this article with some DIY inspiration and crafts for you to make, here ya go!
DIY no.1
Make an infinity shape, you math freak, with some polaroid or Instagram photos from your summer vacation, to remind you there's hope :p

 DIY no.2
Now you know what to do with all those old CDs. Use them to make a cool effect for your room window.

That's it for today, I hope you
this year with your cool office desks!
The City Girl
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September 4, 2013

Back To School: First Week Outfits

Back To School: First Week Outfits!

Hello Fashionistas!
The back-to school series continue! The 1st week back to school can be very stressful, because you wake up one morning and you have no idea what to wear. I am basically here to help. Check out some of my options for the first week of school. Yeap, I created some sets on polyvore (, and I added them to this blog post. You cannot use them without the watermark, and please give credit. The reason I added Saturday too, is just because I wanted to give you an idea for an outfit for a fun day. 
Let's get started!


First day back to school, can be stressful. The color mint though relaxes the mind, so use some mint power for your first outfit.


Show off how dope you are, with this cool sweatshirt. Carry a floral backpack to add some color to your outfit.


You already miss the ocean? Wear exotic colors for Wednesday, for a lil' summer throwback.


A little rock 'n' roll tension on thursday, to remind you it's not friday yet...


Friday woohoo! Chill out in this comfy, simple look!


Off The Wall with vans for saturday. Wear this outfit to the cinemas, to the mall, or for a saturday walk :)

That's it for the first week! Share, Subscribe, Comment! Do you want me to upload week 2, too? Comment below!

The City Girl

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