July 30, 2014

Sunkissed Skin

Hello Fashionistas!
I am not even going to try and lie: I was scrolling through instagram for about an hour until I remembered that I am supposed to write an article. Oops. Anyways, for today's outfit, I chose this gorgeous one-piece uniform. Have you ever fallen in love with an outfit? Because that's pretty much what happened to me with this outfit. I absolutely adore how amazing it feels on, like comfortable and stylish, casual but elegant. Even though this piece would look stunning with out any accessories, I decided I would just go for a not-so-typical straw hat. The thing about the color combinations on this outfit, navy, beige and white, is that it's the summer edition of the typical earth color fashion palette. Also, the lovely lace on the back of the piece adds a feminine look. Don't get tricked: It's shorts, not a skirt- or maybe, a new version of skort. One small final detail: I had no make-up on and my hair was straight out from the pool, so the hashtag #naturallook is absolutely relevant here. Enjoy!

July 25, 2014

Brand On The Spotlight | Mulberry x Cara Delevigne

Hey Fashionistas!
Let's all be honest: We have all gone through a Cara Delevigne phase during our lives.. If not, get ready to go through it right now. Cara Delevigne has been one of the hottest topics all around the world. Thousand of girls look up to her, her fashion choices and style. But what is there not to admire in Cara Delevigne? She's beautiful and stylish, and most importantly she works hard but still loves what she does.
Lately, she has been working with the well-known english brand Mulberry, which happens to be one my favorites. Fashion shows, photoshoots, projects, and even her own bag collection! That's how she got my attention, and somehow I decided I would present her amazing work to you as well. Today I will be showing you not only the campaign she did for Mulberry's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, but the Mulberry x Cara Delevigne collection and ways to steal her style in both projects as well!

Mulberry Spring/Summer 2014

July 20, 2014

Casual Stylin' In London

Hey Fashionistas!
As you may have read in my giveaway post, on my way back to Athens from Thailand, I had to spent a night in London, because my connecting flight was departing the following day. This outfit post was shoot at 5 am, just before we left for the airport. I literally had a couple of minutes, and I hadn't even programmed to make this outfit post. So with just 5 hours of sleep and the most comfortable clothes in my bag on, as I stepped outside to look at the gorgeous river for one last time, I decided I would do this photoshoot. It was impressive how beautiful these pics came out of such simple outfit, proving that sometimes the classic combination of jeans-white top can be the best choice.

It was actually my first time in London, and I had a wonderful time. The evening before we walked by the river and the enjoyed what I can easily call the best burger I had ever had. Even though it was summer, just as the sun set down, it suddenly got so cold I had to go inside. After all, I had just one sweater in my carry-on bag, because since in Thailand the weather was impressively hot, I guessed it would be the same in London. I was proved pretty much wrong.

July 18, 2014

GIVEAWAY | Ted Baker Makeup Bag & Petite Maison Candles

Hey Fashionistas!
Exactly like I told you, my blog is now officially 1 year old, and to be exact, today is its anniversary. I didn't want to be the only one to be celebrating, so I created this giveaway for my wonderful readers (that's right, for you, the person who's reading this right now). It's just my way of  massive thank you to all you amazing readers for your comments and support throughout this wonderful journey. To participate, scroll down to the rafflecopter window on my post.
Here's a little story behind the prizes I am giving away: The cute little tea cup candles are actually from Paris, from this amazing store called Petite Maison. The Ted Baker Makeup Bag however is from the Ted Baker store in Heathrow airport, in London, England. I got it the day I was traveling back to Athens from Thailand. I spent just one night in London, because our connecting flight to Athens was the following day. We had to wake up at 5.00 am, and even though we had notified a taxi company to pick us up the day before, they never even showed up, so we ended up calling another taxi, and by the time we arrived at Heathrow we thought we had missed our flight. After we rushed through security check, we ruined to our gate only to find out that our flight was actually delayed. We had about 1 hour and some pounds left, so instead of changing them back to euros, we decided that we would spend them. I thought Ted Baker was the perfect choice, since I am obsessed with this amazing store, and since in Greece they sell their items double the price. I bought a wonderful little bag (you will be reading about this bag in my following outfit posts, just wait and see) and this makeup bag.

July 16, 2014

Fashion Report: Bohemian Style

Hey Fashionistas!
Quick note before we begin, my blog's first anniversary is approaching, so I wanted to take this chance and thank you for supporting me throughout my journey as a fashion blogger. About one year ago, a girl from Athens (hint: it's me) decided to begin a blog under the name "Daily City Girl", and since then I got to attend fashion shows as a journalist, and meet amazing people. I want to thank you, yes you, the person who's reading this, for reading my crazy articles and being loyal readers. I am sure there's much more to come, and that's exactly why I won't stop blogging here. Many many kisses to all of you, I still can't believe that my blog hit 14,000 views, I thought nobody would even care to read my articles! Here's to all my city fashionistas!

Okay now let's just get to the point :). Between listening to this new band I discovered (it's called New Politics, in case you were wondering) and watching Orange Is The New Black, I felt like writing one of my classic type of articles. Bohemian style is all I have been hearing about the past few weeks, and since I believe it's an amazing trend, I decided to dedicate my post to this new trend. Oh, and if you didn't notice, I haven't written a Fashion Report since my Ombre post, so I am pretty excited.  So, sit back in your couch, pull your laptop closer, and explore with me bohemian style!

Outfit Inspiration

July 10, 2014

Take A Break From The Sun

Hey Fashionistas!
Have you ever thought than it's nearly impossible to look fashionable at the beach after you get out of the water? Allow me to prove you wrong. Using a pair of simple light wash jean shorts, a white tank top and a kimono top, I achieved the after-swimming look I was looking for. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from the local fashion in Koh Samui, however, I bought this gorgeous top from a seller on the beach. That's right. You could do shopping while being on the beach, they basically came up to you and showed you their products, which was perfect for me, I mean who wouldn't love shopping being so easy. The best part is that I got it for just 400 baht, which is basically 10 euros.
Best part of doing this photoshoot? There was a beach wedding preparation right next to our hotel, and the decorations were just dreamy. It was basically the best scene I could ask for an outfit like this. I hope you enjoy going through these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

July 8, 2014

Street Style: Mission Thailand

Hello Fashionistas!
As you may have noticed, this post is a bit different than the ones I usually post. While being in Bangkok airport, since I was waiting for my 12 hour flight to London to board, I had plenty of time in my hands. So, I thought what a better way to kill time than chasing down fashionistas around the airport, and taking pictures of them? And that's exactly what I did. With my camera in my hands, I literally felt like a paparazzi while spotting the most fashionable people in the airport. And let me tell you, all the weird glances I got were definitely worth it, since the result was divine. 
I was most certainly impressed by all the multicultural styles I spotted. From colorful burkas to maxi dresses combined with oversized hats, to anime tops and bags, Bangkok fashion surprised me amazingly much. So, I won't waste any more time, and start right away presenting you my favorite looks!

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