September 7, 2014

Vogue Japan | "La Canzone Del Mare"

Hello Fashionistas!
The Vogue Japan team recently traveled all the way to Capri, Italy in order to complete an amazing fashion editorial named "La Canzone Del Mare" for their October 2014 issue. They always manage to have the most unique editorials, and this issue was no exception. In the hands of the skillful photographer Boo George, the outcome couldn't be anything less than breathtaking. It actually featured some pieces straight off the runway of Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Fall/Winter 2014 collection which everyone is dying to get their hands on. In this issue's editorial it was all about the little details, such as the different little jewels were hand-sewed on the dresses, or how the umbrellas and the dresses were matching even to the smallest detail. To my opinion, it's truly wonderful how the colorful gems and the blue colors on the dresses blend in perfectly with the sea in the background.

As I mentioned before, the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection was on the spotlight of the entire photoshoot, and let me say I was amazed by the prints, the volume of the long skirts, the royal tendencies, the radiant colors, the doodles on the dresses. The color pallet of the collection combines Mediterranean colors with gypsy details and gems. Just notice how the dresses are covered in doodles, colorful prints and the high-fashion version of patchwork. What's impressive is that a lot of the jewelry pieces in the collection were hand painted. And get this: The fashion show for the Alta Moda collection was held in a secret location in Capri island, which could be only reached by boat. Prices begin at around 30,000 euros (that's right, thirty thousand), but to my opinion it's all worth it, since each piece is mostly handmade and one of a kind.
To summarize the entire collection in one phrase: Wonderfully colorful, but not overdone. 
The City Girl
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